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We are importers and wholesalers of fashion textiles for the Colombian Market. Our company, founded in 1986, looks for the latest products in order to offer innovation and latest trends for the fashion market.

DIMOTEX is headquartered in Bogotá D.C., and covers all the national market including the most important cities such as Medellín, Cali and Barranquilla between others.

Our objective is to provide to the fashion market a diverse range of fabrics, designs, styles, themes, and colors according to fashion trends. We offer a wide range of styles and type of fashion fabrics.

Many of our collections have been developed by our own staff according to what our market uses.

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We offer textiles for wome´s and men´s wear in woven fabrics and in yarns such as polyester, polyester viscose blends between others. For formal, casual or Sportswear.

A great variety of designs, textures and colors according to the fashion trends for each period.

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Texture options, transparencies and color combinations that reflects the different personalities of the consumer. Adequate blends to express in a better way the fashion from the fabric more than from de siluette.

Nowadays, the notable participation of the consumer in the tendencies is what makes that the competence between modernism and traditionalism continue and a fascination in merging the past with the present remains in this period.


E-mail: info@dimotex.com
Address: Carrera 27 No. 17-90 PBX: (57 1) 3711960 Fax: (57 1) 3711989
Call DIMOTEX 018000125252
Bogota D.C. - Colombia, South America
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